Have you talked to your kids about Gainz?!

I'm a big believer in learning and teaching through osmosis. Want to be healthier? Hang out with healthier people- the old "you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with" principal.

Want to learn a foreign language? The best way is to be immersed in a foreign land... with a foreign girlfriend.

Side note, if my Mandarin ever experiences a sharp spike upwards in proficiency, my wife says she'll divorce me.

Uh,TMI. Sorry.

Onto to the point. As I wrote last week- my kids see me and my wife throwing barbells around, and that's why we got them OSO kids barbells- so they can learn and emulate.

We received a few questions last week following onto the kids/barbell email asking about more products for kids.

We're big fans of kids' programs- and we carry a lot of gear that is great for teaching kids healthy lifting habits.

In general, we look for gear that is non-threatening, relatively safe even if misused, and also gear that is legit- not toys.

Here's our short list of popular items for now:

We've got all the above up to 25% off through Monday- pick up a few pieces and let us know what your kids think of them!

Summer is coming- lift and show your kids the way- or check out your local gym to see if they're running a kids program in the summer.



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