A Fringe-Mas Story For All, Y'all!

It’s Christmas at Fringe Sport and after the rush
The warehouse is quiet and still in the hush

The balls are not bouncing, the barbells are still
The plates are just waiting with time to kill

Suddenly there’s light in the back of the aisle
A shadow creeps quietly and shows a small smile


He slowly walks through the warehouse with glee
Stopping to gaze at so much to see 

He chooses a kettlebell, then selects a wall ball
He looks through the squat racks, wanting them all.


He ruffles the strength bands, grabbing a few 
And finds all the savage plates shiny and new

A sweet golden Midas is tested and then
He tries out a Bomba - what a win/win.

midas revenge barbell

He picks out some speed ropes and a dumbbell or two
Grabs the foam plyo and thinks that he’s through.  

Finding the sandbags, he loads up with those 
And looking around, he touches his nose

Eyes twinkle with happiness, cheeks dimple and smile
And quickly he walks back to the end of the aisle

Slipping out of the warehouse in the blink of an eye
He holds on to his gear and rises into the sky


Before you say Rudolph he loads up the sleigh
Cracks reigns with a snap & says “be on the way”

Lifting off the roof lighter than air
He heads back north with all of his gear

With a quick “ho ho ho” he waves in the night
“Merry Christmas to all and to all a swole night.”






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