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I’m a thrifty person by nature. I reduce, reuse, recycle and drive an electric car. So this 8th DIY is particularly close to my heart. Today, we’re going to make a wall ball out of an old basketball or soccer ball if you have one. Growing up with a lot of athletes around me, I saw that these things get busted pretty easily, especially with dogs around. (They just can't resist sinking their teeth into it sometimes!) 

If you’re like me and you’re a packrat, you may already own a busted basketball or soccer ball. In which case, now is the time to use it, my friend!! It’s day has finally come.

DIY wallball


If this is not you and you’re starting to think hmmm… I wonder if this girl needs to read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. One, you’d be right. I do need to read that book or at least watch an episode of the show. Two, you can still get a cheap basketball for less than $10. 

How to Make a Recycled Wall Ball


Step #1 Cut It

If you’re using a recycled wall ball with multiple holes, you will need to patch all but one of the holes to begin and will need to skip this step. See Step #3 for patching. Then move onto Step #2.

If you’re using a recycled wall ball with one hole, you will need to skip this step and move onto Step #2

Cut into the Basketball so it makes a square. It’s helpful to make an X for the first cut to kind of get it going. 

Step #2 Fill It

★Pro-Tip: Why Salt Pellets Are Better Than Sand

  • Unlike sand, salt pellets do NOT leak after mild damage.
  • Salt pellets give the ball a better balance as they actually fill the whole ball. 
  • Salt pellets are way easier to work with 
  • Salt pellets are way easier to clean up (Hallelujah!) 

Fill the hole using the bag it came in as a way to funnel it into the basketball. The last bit is tricky, but if you shake it around a bit, I found it was easier. 

Step #3 Weigh It

Before you patch it, you must weigh it. If it’s heavier than you like, remove some of the pellets until it’s the weight you prefer. Likewise, if it’s not enough, stuff some more pellets in there, but be wary if the seams look stressed. Should this happen, you may need to refill the medicine ball with a heavier material like iron sand. 

Step #4 Patch It

Use the largest size in your patch kit and follow the instructions to seal the ball. 

DIY Wallball

Step #5 Use It!

What are you waiting for? A myriad of wall ball exercises awaits you…

Guest Post: Sydney Capello

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