Garage Gym of the Week: James Watson

My name is James Watson and I am 37 years old. Four years ago I was 50 pounds heavier and tired all the time and I could not keep up with my daughter and she was only three haha.

I started CrossFit this very month four years ago scared to death I was going to hurt myself and wondering why someone who is never an athlete would even attempt something like this along with taking products from AdvoCare. My best friend was beyond convincing I had to try both and honestly I have never looked back. I would say currently I would be considered an intermediate CrossFit athlete and have competed in multiple competitions. I'm still a long way away from the Olympic lifts but I really took to the gymnastics and cardio side and love every bit of it. My goals are not only to continue myself on a healthier and happier life but to share it with anyone who wants it!

My garage gym is 720 ft.² with a 14 foot rig and pretty much everything you can find in your local CrossFit gym except for a rower and assault bike and a climbing rope which will be added as soon as I can afford them haha. Currently it is just my family working out, and I have three friends who have committed to training with me as well hopefully starting as soon as the next week.

I built my garage gym to further my goals of living a healthier and happier life and being able to offer it to my friends and family as well. So far my favorite piece of equipment is honestly the rig so that I could get back into the gymnastic movements. The least used would be the immortal wall balls I just have not enjoyed them as much as a normal wall ball as I thought I would, but no equipment is ever a waste! I don't know what I will purchase next I love rope climbs so I really want to figure out a way to install a rope. I hate the Assault Bike so it will probably be the last big item I purchase and I miss my Concept2 so it will probably be the next big purchase.

As far as dream equipment that would go back to the rope climb set up and then some form of a handstand push-up and pegboard set up as well.

One day I decided I needed to have this at home to better push myself with my fitness so about five months ago I broke ground on a oversize garage in my backyard and have been filling it with equipment ever since it was finished, getting to work out each and every day sometimes more than once which I never had the opportunity to do commuting to my previous CrossFit box.

In closing the tips that I have for anyone else looking to make any form of a garage gym is to not overextend yourself make a budget and figure out all the things that you want, put it down on a list and prioritize it so you don't try and buy it all at once haha!

Once again thank you so very much for giving me a chance to tell you about the dream I have fulfilled in my backyard and it is all so very much thanks to you and your company that after I did exhaustive research felt offered not only the best prices but by far equal or best quality equipment which is why I will continue to fill my gym with your products and share them with everyone I come in contact with and train with.

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