Have a Bam Bam in the House? Try Strongman for Kids!

Strongman isn't only for grownups, strongman for kids works too!

strongman for kids

Hanna-Barbera creating Bam Bam was perhaps less in jest than we realize. 

If you're unfortunately not familiar with Bam Bam, here's a quick refresher:

Maybe you have a kiddo in your house who has a natural talent for throwing you around like poor Barney. Or maybe your kiddo has shown interest in doing what mom and dad do in your garage gym.

Encourage them by all means, because strongman for kids is legit. Don't believe me? Well...

How About Atlas Stones For Kids?

If you watched the video above, you can see that your imagination is the limit. 

All you need to do is downshift the weight and load when doing strongman for kids.

Why not try Atlas Stones with the kiddos?

strongman for kids

Liam, our in-house Bam Bam.

As you can see, we gave it a go with our kiddo strongman, Liam. Liam is 6 years old and weighs in at a stout 40 lb. He's trying to lift our 25 lb Immortal Wall Ball.

Although Liam demonstrated textbook technique, he wasn't able to lift it. To be fair, he's not much bigger than the ball. So depending on the size, weight, and age of your little one, you'll have an idea of what weight they might be able to hoist.

We downshifted to our 10 lb Immortal Wall Ball and look what happened:

strongman for kids; kid lifting ball

 Success! And a cute, slight grimace along with it.

Liam lifted a quarter of his body weight. Bravo! Give this kid a round of applause and a chocolate protein shake.  Liam is practically approaching rhino beetle territory, which ranks as world's #2 strongest creature (We won't mention the less than flattering #1).

You can have all kinds of fun with the kiddos, from doing heavy carries to setting up some plyos and having your own Atlas Stone competition. 

The Immortal Wall Ball is great for strongman stuff. In fact, I've used it myself doing a poor man's Atlas Stone exercise, picking it up and putting it on top of a couple of stacked plyo boxes.

Of course, you can use a slam ball or a traditional medicine ball for your Atlas Stone needs. If you don't know the difference between your balls, read our blog here.

Of course, medicine balls and slam balls will have more give and be more pliable than an Immortal Wall Ball. The give might make it harder for the kiddos to lift.

The Immortal is more rigid and allows for a better grip. Plus they bounce a little bit, so the kiddos can use them to play with when not strongmanning. 

strongman for kids

A victorious beast.

More Strongman for Kids

If the idea generator on your neck is cranking now and you're looking for more fuel, I found a couple more resources for you. 

Here's a nifty article that has some cheap, DIY strongman gear for kids.

And if you think strongman is just for boys, you're grossly mistaken. Best check yo self befo you wreck yo self. 

This proud parent lays down the absolute law, saying, "While his sons are at Chuck-E-Cheese filling their little bellies with purple soda and Hot Pockets… my GIRLS are swallowing raw eggs and tossing heavy objects around for fun – or something like that ;)."

Finish reading and watching the exploits of his strongman girl doing her tire flipping and other feats of strength. 

Green for Go on Strongman for Kids

If you're sold on getting your kiddos doing strongman, and decide not to go the DIY route, have a look at our kid's medicine balls here.

If you prefer the idea of giving your kiddo an indestructible wall ball to beat on for a lifetime, take a gander at our Immortal Wall Ball.

Thanks as usual for reading Fringe Nation. Hope you get your kids to lift themselves beyond the ordinary. 

Stay awesome and if you have any input, feedback or stories to tell about kids doing strongman, by all means, please share with us in the comments below. 

bam bam and pebbles strongman for kids

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