How to Change Up Your Workout Routine

Hey, hey, hey, Fringe Fam. Happy Friday & Happy October 1st! How we're already 10 months into this year, I don't know. It's honestly hard to fathom.

We're 10 months into this year, who knows how many months into the quarantini-panini, and you might be feeling a little stagnant in your workout routine, even if you are following a structured program. Even if not, you could probably use a little shake-up in your routine every now and then. 

It's normal to find that you feel a little less motivated as the seasons change, as you progress into your workout program or routine, and need to take even one workout to do something different, fun, and out of the ordinary.

Don't get us wrong - you know we love a barbell, bumper plates, dumbbell or kettlebell workout. We'll do those all day long, forever, but sometimes you just need to shake it up a bit. You know?

Lucky for you, we're having a sale (this week only) on some of the perfect items to throw in, shake things up, and reignite your workout motivation. Let's break 'em down.


sandbag trainer

Sandbags are highly underrated. These are great for changing up a regular workout because they can be used in so many different ways. They're extremely versatile and can change up your squats, thrusters, presses, carries, and so much more. Say "HELLOOOO" to core stabilizer muscles you never knew you had. Workouts become a heck of a lot more interesting when you're working with an item that's unstable and filled with sand.


Weight vests easily add more difficulty and change the stimulus of a regularly programmed workout. Throw on a weight vest when you're running, goblet squatting, doing pull-ups, burpees and other movements that require the movement of your trunk and you'll quickly find that you fatigue faster. Weight vests can help increase strength and endurance, even if they're not worn all of the time.

Farmers Handles


Both the Mini Farmer's Handles and the full-sized Farmer's Walk Handles are on sale this week. These handles come in pairs so you can load up both sides and get your carry on. The mini's can hold up to 330lbs per side, and the regular size can hold up to 440lbs per handle. That's some serious carrying if you're loading 'em up to capacity. Instead of investing in kettlebells, you can utilize your bumper plates and get more out of your carries than you would with a KB, unless you've seen a 330 or 440lb one and we haven't.

Ruck Weights

Ruck Weights are amazing on their own, because if you've got a typical ruck weight, you can stick it into a rucksack or a backpack that can handle some weight, strap in, and get outside. These are perfect for hiking, adding some weight to a walk or run, and burning some calories. Our Bonehead Ruck Weight Plates are even more versatile than a regular one because they have handles at the top and bottom which allow for swinging, curling, pressing, and so much more. These are a bit of an odd object for swinging, which changes up your stimulus and makes things more fun.



You might be thinking... swords? Really? How does a sword work into fitness? Ahh, Fringe Fam, this is the thing you didn't know you needed, but once you try it, you'll be hooked. These are different than a regular steel mace because the weight distribution is across the entire sword instead of being concentrated at one end or the other. Swing 'em, press 'em, add them into your favorite flow, or use them to pump up your biceps and forearms. Swords shake up your workout routine and bring in an element of play, and that's always a great way to reignite some workout motivation.

Change up your workout routine

These are just a few of the items that can help you get out of a workout rut. We love these items because they're easy to throw into your regular workouts and change things up a little bit. Sometimes, that's just what you need to get back on your path and get some motivation back to finish a program or routine strong.

If you've got questions about any of these items, how to use them, or changing up your routine, let us know in the comments below or send us a message! We'd be happy to help you shake things up.

As always, lift heavy, lift happy :)

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