NEW PRODUCT ALERT: The Fringe Sport Rig Step

Introducing: The Fringe Sport Rig Step-Up

That’s right folks. The official Fringe Sport Rig Step-Up is here and we promise that with this addition to your home gym, you’ll never look back.

This product was developed purely for your convenience (and safety!). You might not think of it often, but a lot of your time and effort in your workouts is spent hopping, jumping, leaping up to your pull-up bar and readjusting once you’ve latched, unless you’re tall enough to grab straight onto a "low enough" bar, and in that case, you're probably too tall to kip or swing into your pull-ups and other gymnastics. This step will allow you to raise that bar and your workout standards to your preferred height for swinging, kipping, and all things imaginable on your pull-up bar, but also creates more safety in doing so because you won't have a plyo box or other piece of equipment in your way of swinging in case you'd fallen off the bar.

The Rig Step-Up is here to take a literal step out of your workout and do it for you. We’ve got two versions: 3x3 and 2x3 to fit whatever rack or rig you’ve got in your home gym.

At its widest, the Rig Step-Up is 4.75" wide. At it's deepest, it sits at 3.75" deep, and has a 3.55" radius. The Rig Step is 4.75" tall, so as long as it's that high off of the ground, you'll be good to get steppin'.

If you think about it, you’ll probably realize the amount of times and how much effort is put into hopping on your bar instead of being put into the actual workout you’re doing. The Rig Step-Up is the solution.

With just enough room to step onto and not so much that it’s in your way as you work, the Fringe Sport Rig Step-Up will be nothing but a second thought when you realize what you’ve been missing all along without it. Don't be surprised when you hit some PR's on your benchmark workout times. We'll try really hard not to say "we told you so ;)"

How can we help you make your Garage Gym Journey more enjoyable, convenient, and fun? Let us know in the comments below. Check out our new Rig Step-Up for your garage gym, and please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or comments!

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