2 New Powerlifting Barbells Make Training Texas Tough!

“You may all go to hell and I will go to Texas.”- Davy Crockett

Hot damn, now THIS is why you go to Texas- for powerlifting/specialty barbells.

It's with immense, Texan pride that we introduce you to the 2 new members of our barbell arsenal.

Please give a round of applause and a warm welcome to the 100% American made Lone Star Power Bar and the Longhorn Bar.

powerlifting barbells

Are you kidding me?!?! Look at how sexy those bad boys look. 

That curve of the Longhorn is begging you to put it on your back. 

While the Lone Star will make your lifts swell with revolutionary zeal.

We're knee-slappin hoedown level excited about our 2 new additions. 

We were losing sleep at night knowing that we weren't honoring and outfitting Texas powerlifting tradition.

We find ourselves at the crossroads of interesting times. 

Much of what has worked in the 20th century no longer suits the 21st.

Old ways of doing things need updating and makeovers. 

We felt strongly about this, but also realized that completely throwing away the old just for the sake of change isn't good either.

So we took the best features of Texas powerlifting bars of yore then enhanced them with better materials, hardware, and design for a new era of strength freaks.

“You never change things by fighting against the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the old model obsolete.”- Bucky Fuller

That's how we feel about the Lone Star and Longhorn.

The Lone Star Power Bar

lone star powerlifting barbell

Put this in your hands to feel what Davy Crockett did at the Alamo.

I'm super stoked about this bar. 

I've been using it almost exclusively for a few weeks now. The only other bar I've been using is the Longhorn. 

This bar just feels good. It's like when you find that pair of Levi's that fit perfect or you have your favorite beer glass in your hand. More on beer in a minute.

I've been doing bench presses and deadlifts with the Lone Star and the knurling dives into your hand like an alligator bite. There's no mistaking the grit of this bar.

Lone Star powerlifting barbell knurling closeup

The gorgeous pitted knurling doubles as an excellent barley crusher.

You're going to be dropping bombs on P.R.s with this brute and you're going to want to maybe smash a beer afterward to celebrate. I mean it's right in the name, c'mon. Give yourself a prize. 

Lone Star beer

1 beer after a workout is supposed to be good after all.

Should we run a social media campaign, and have Fringe Nation take pix and/or vids christening their Lone Star bars? It's not really your bar until you name it, much like a bow or a rifle. I'm thinking there's a catch...

It has to be as good as this or better. 

Gotta powerlift the Lone Star then power smash preferably a Lone Star or your post-workout beer.

Or 2. We can't let those beer-mile cardio guys one-up us.

Then you too can say "Been there, destroyed that." 

After all, Stone Cold knows a thing or three about garage gyms, Texas and beer. His Broken Skull Ranch is in Tilden, Texas, he's got a garage gym and has his own Broken Skull IPA.

Ready to saddle up and throw down?

Get locked n loaded with your own Lone Star Power Bar here.

Longhorn Bar

When I'm pumped, super excited and/or pleased with something, I say "yahtzee!"

That applies here.

Longhorn powerlifting barbell

 The answer to the timeless question- "where's the beef?"- has finally arrived.

Wow. You know that feeling when you sit down in your favorite chair at home or get back into the driver's seat of your car after being away for a while?

This is it in barbell form.

I've been squatting with this beast of burden. All I can say is "aaaaah." 

I don't work on my mobility as much as I need to, so I suffer from shoulder mobility issues.

Squatting with a straight bar torques my shoulders and causes discomfort.

The Longhorn erases all that unpleasantness. 

This specialty/powerlifting barbell alleviates torque problems, and is like throwing meat to wolves for people who want to crush squats and bench presses.   

We're really happy to welcome the new addition to the Fringe HQ gym and our lineup for you.

How happy will you be? We have an idea...

Your desire to train at your gym after getting the Longhorn in your hands.

Ready to lift cars?

Then start (cattle) driving those gains right now with the Longhorn.

We hope you love our new barbell family members as much as we do!

We're looking forward to hearing all about the new love affairs from Fringe Nation on the social stuff and in the reviews. 

Stay watchful of your inboxes, social and the blog.

Spring is poppin and we have yet another BIG announcement next week. 

This double secret probation announcement comes on the heels of Paleo FX here in Austin. Paleo FX runs from April 26-28. We'll be sending out a reminder about us being there in the blog soon.

If you somehow missed it, we released the CeraColt last week.

With all these new additions, toys, barbells, and garage gym weather already springing here in Texas and the South I hope you all pick wisely and snag a winner. 

I think that's what they call "Texas gold." 

Finally, lift yourself beyond the ordinary and be as strong and fearless as this goose. Thanks for reading Fringe Nation, stay awesome and have a great day!





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