Recommended Workouts: Heavy Strength Bands

So, you’ve bought an orange strength band. Or, maybe you’ve bought our pack of strength bands (& if not… one can always use more bands, right?!) Now, you’re thinking, “what in the world can I do with this awesome, super thick, x-heavy orange strength band?”
FringeFam, we’ve got you covered. We’ve got some ideas for you.
We can tell you this up front: this is no mini-band   (but if that’s what you’re looking for… we have those too ;) )... this thick-as-heck band is primarily used for adding weight to power lifts - the squat, the bench, or the deadlift, but can be used for a multitude of other things. This orange band is strong (but if you need an even stronger one, we’ve got our heaviest XX-heavy red band) and this one packs in between 70 and 175 pounds of resistance
This band is perfect for use by itself to get a good, vein-poppin’ pump going, for some x-heavy mobility for the tightest of muscles, or with other equipment like our barbells, kettlebells, or dumbbells, or even plates. We’ve got some of our most-recommended movements and drills listed for ya for some Fringe Fam-spiration in your workouts:
Powerlifting & Accessory Money-Makers (we’re gonna go ahead and call these banded moves just that):
With a barbell (like our wonder bar, power bar, or hex bar): 

  • Booty work: With the band around your hips, wrapped around a post on your rig: take a step out, square up to your barbell, let it know you’re gonna take it down with some force (or, pick it up, rather), and get after it (be prepared for some backward pull!)
  • Double ‘em up: take two x-heavy bands and wrap one at each end around the sleeve and around super heavy dumbbells (to avoid rolling), on a platform, or some other stable counter-weight so you can get right in the middle for a vertical lift. Now we’re talkin’ maximum resistance and back work (in other words… you better BRACE!)
  • Hex bar: a single band works just fine for these - loop one end of the band right over the top of your weights around the sleeve on either side of the bar, stand on what’s left in the middle, and get ready for a wild ride.. whew!
Squats* (You’re gonna need two of our x-heavy bands for these) 
  • Top-loaded: One on each end around the sleeves wrapped around your rig at the bottom for top-loaded resistance (your bar’s gonna feel light as air at the bottom of that squat...
  • Bottom-loaded: One on each end around the sleeves wrapped around the top for bottom-loaded resistance (and you’ll have to fight to get out of that hole!!)
*Insider tip: make sure the band is completely vertical before squatting. We’d hate to see you sling-shotted into a pancake at the bottom of your rig… yikes)
Bench (two needed here usually, too!)
  • Banded Bench: Wrap two of these orange suckers around the sleeves on your bench and get ready to bench to the high heavens with 70-175 pounds of added resistance!
  • Ditch the barbell: wrap the band around the bottom of the bench, and get your mitts inside each end of the band. This is great for chest-pumping accessories, or a barbell alternative!
With a plate:  
  • Weighted pull-ups without the foot hassle: Ditch the tippy-toe kettlebell method, and take your band and find a plate - any plate. Loop the band through the center of that plate and strap the band around your shoulders like you’re wearing a band-bumper backpack (because you will be). Pull-up to your little heart’s content, Fringe Fam (or at least until your lats don’t wanna).
With a kettlebell: (oh BOY, we can have some fun with these!)
  • Stability: did you buy this band in hopes of working on some stability? (Maybe not, but this is just another great option to throw into your accessory bank ;) ) Check out the video below:  
  • More booty work: instead of lifting a barbell, why not a kettlebell deadlift? Wrap that band around your rig on one end, and your hips on the other. Make sure you’ve got tension on the band before you deadlift, and squeeze your cheeks to fully lock out every rep. Get ready for some booty burn!
With dumbbells:  
  • Dumbbell deadlift: Want another deadlift variation without a barbell? Wrap those ends of the band around the dumbbells, or get a super tight grip on the band and dumbbell. Stand on what’s left in the middle, and get ready to rip. You’ll get a great deadlift workout or accessories in, without the barbell!
  • Floor press: oh yes, you can do this too. Don’t let it’s thickness scare you off - this orange baby was meant for giving you the floor press ride of your life - can you say “hello pecs?!” Just like the dumbbell deadlift, wrap those ends around the dumbbells, and lay on the piece left in the middle (it should land around your upper back, just under or on the shoulder blades), grip, rip, and get ready to push.
Muscle-Pumpin’ Moves (with the band by itself):
Good morning: this band will have your hamstrings surely saying, “good morning!” In all seriousness, this band means business when it comes to mobility and prep work. Heck, this band is so serious, it can even be incorporated into your workout or accessory work as actual reps! Wrap that band around your back, letting it rest at the top of your shoulders. Stand inside on the remainder of the band, get some tension, and get those good morning’s on.
Back Squat & Front Squat: We weren’t lying when we said this thing could be used for a multitude of things, and these two squat variations are some of them. 
  • Back Squat: Just like the good morning, get yourself situated inside of the band with the top resting on the backs of your shoulders. Get yourself in your squat position, sit back, and go for it. These are sure to get those quads burning and work on your core positioning throughout the squat.
  • Front Squat: This time, the band should rest on the front of your shoulders, and you’ll give it a good ‘ole California grip with criss-crossed arms to make sure it stays in place. Same thing as above: step on the middle, get yourself comfy and situated, and rock out those squats.

Single-Arm Row: If you’ve got a good, heavy row to do but might not have a dumbbell or kettlebell quite heavy enough, the x-heavy orange band is here to save the day. The band can be wrapped around your rig right at the bottom and used by itself (trust us when we say that you can get your back pumpin’ with just the band), or wrapped around a kettlebell or dumbbell for that extra added resistance.
Tug of War Pull: What is this, you ask? Just what it sounds like, except you’re no longer 6 years old and playing this with 5 of your best friends (Or, maybe you still are. We don’t judge). Hook your band around a rig or solid anchor, and pull away. These can be done with a lower-body focus with your body inside the band, situating the band right above your glutes, wide-stepping backward to get maximum tension and booty-burn. These can also be done with an upper-body focus which requires you to pull on that band until you feel like you might be slingshotted across the world if you don’t keep your feet planted.
Deadlifts: Yes, these bad boys again. This time, without any other equipment. Our x-heavy orange band is great for deadlift accessory work with even more deadlifts. Step inside that band, grab onto the other end of the loop, get your body right, and deadlift that sucker just like you would a barbell. 
Floor Press: Banded floor press - this is a chest killer. Just like a dumbbell floor press, the set-up is the same: laying on top of the band, one hand in each loop that’s left. Get ready to floor press your pecs into the ground
Standing Chest Press: Standing chest press? Yes, you heard us. Wrap the band around your rig or another stable post at about shoulder height. Step yourself inside the band, walk out to create some tension, and set yourself up just like you would for a floor press… except standing. Get a solid base, press straight out from your chest, and say bye bye core and pecs!
Mobility: Ahh, the moment you’ve been waiting for. There’s several awesome things you can do with a thick band for mobility, like the things included in the video below. This thick band is great for those of you with the tightest of muscles to open up the hips, mobilize your hip capsules, and get mobile after working and sitting at home. 
This band is also great for spinal expansion and traction exercises. PK so graciously showed the team his best Spiderman skills. To use the orange x-heavy band for something like that, it’s best to have a friend to help you get into it. Or, you can do like PK did and wriggle yourself up the rig and into the band while it hangs from a pull-up bar (just note that this is more dangerous and might end up in a wedgie and some band snaps… not that that might’ve happened or anything). The band should sit just above your glutes across your lower back, and you should be upside down, allowing some space, and relief, to be created in your spine.

Have we proven that our bands (which can be subbed in for the x-heavy orange in any and all of these movements!) are the most versatile yet? We love band training at Fringe Sport, and really want to stress that these bands are great for those of you who might not have the space or ability to have heavy weights in your home gym. These suckers get the job done!

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