3 Savage Barbell Movements for a Full Body Workout

Barbell complexes are designed to improve overall strength and fitness. While performing these savage barbell movements, remember that the weight should never reach the point where the technique starts to wither. While performing barbell complexes, efficiency is everything.

For instance, if the bar is heavier than you can handle, the transition between exercises won’t be smooth and effective. Regardless of your goals, these savage barbell complexes can be added to your CrossFit or gym workout liberally.

1. Gorilla Complex

The very first exercise is the Gorilla Complex. To begin with, the barbell has to be at the hang position, followed by seven bicep curls and seven high pulls. After this, you move the barbell at your shoulders followed by seven military presses. After this exercise, the barbell has to be locked in an overhead position and you have to move your hands in on the bar followed by seven tricep extensions. After this, you can put the bar down and proceed to do seven pull-ups. A full workout for men is around five rounds at 65 pounds and for women, it is around 45 pounds.

2. Bear Complex

A Bear complex is deceptively simple. It is as follows:

- 1 Power Clean
- 1 Front Squat
- 1 Push Press
- 1 Back Squat
- 1 Push Press

However, the same has to be repeated around five to seven times in order for it to work. The focus of bear complex is more on the weight and not on the time taken to complete the sets.

3. Clean And Jerk

Last but not least is the Barbell Clean and Jerk. This full-body workout is comparatively easier than the other two workouts. To begin with, the barbell is to be positioned on the ground. The workout begins with a squat, you then clean it to the shoulders and then with a jerk take it over your head and put it back on the ground. That’s it. If you want to add a twist to it by adding the CrossFit element, simply load the bar. If you’re a male, add 135 lbs and if you’re a female, add 95 lbs and stick to 5 reps at a time.

These are the three Savage barbell movements for a full-body workout. You can find amazing barbells, even Savage barbells at fringesport.com

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