4 Kettlebell Workouts to do in the Water

Kettlebells are an easy way to stay fit while a enjoying a day out at the lake or beach. They’re handy accessories to have around if a person has a backyard pool as well.

kettlebell workout in water

Fitness influencers and health experts tout this slightly glamorous mode of workout as effective. Kettlebell workouts in the water increases the lung capacity, overall body strength, and stamina.

Here are four kettlebell water workouts.

Kettlebell Swing

Carry the kettlebell into the water. The water ideally should be waist-deep. This exercise is the exact same as performing a regular kettlebell swing, except with the added element of water. Stand with the feet about should-width apart and clutch the kettlebell tightly with both hands. Keep the knees slightly bent and push the hips backwards. In a single, smooth motion, lift the kettlebell up till chest-height while exhaling. Inhale as the kettlebell falls back to the original position. Repeat the motion for about 30 seconds and take 50 to 60-second breaks between sets.

kettlebell workout in water

Kettlebell Snatch 

The Kettlebell snatch is an exercise that works on the entire body – from head to toe, in a pulling motion. Since it is an intensive workout, it’s best to practice with smaller sets or easier exercise before attempting this. Stand in waist-deep water and hold the kettlebell with one arm. The kettlebell must be fully submerged at the resting position. First, deadlift the kettlebell to the hip. Push the hip backward slightly while flexing the knees. In the same motion, lift the kettlebell with force above the head so the shoulders and knees take the brunt of the force. The arm extends overhead and the kettlebell’s motion is stopped by the wrist. It’s best to consult an expert about the exact number of sets required per session.

kettlebell workout in water

Kettlebell Clean and Jerks

Kettlebell clean and jerks are the ideal exercise to build a hardened body ready for sports and extreme outdoor activities. It is an all-rounder that touches on the back, biceps, legs, shoulders, and cardio. Stand in waist-deep water and hold the kettlebell in one hand – with a one-handed, hip-hinging movement, swing the kettlebell to and fro from between the legs just below shoulder-height. This is the ‘clean’ motion. At its peak, pull the kettlebell toward the ear, like how a person would rev a lawn-mover. This is the ‘jerk’ motion. Around 10 – 15 sets per arm is a great way to start out.

kettlebell workouts in water

kettlebell workout in water

Kettlebell Squat

The last exercise is basic. Stand around waist-depth water and clutch the kettlebell with both hands. With the feet spread out wide (ideally more than the shoulder span), hold the kettlebell at chest level with both hands. Keep the toes pointed outwards and slowly bend the knees with the hips back. With the added element of water, the kettlebell will be harder to raise each turn. About 20 – 25 reps a set is a good point to start.

kettlebell workout in water

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