Commercial vs Garage Series Squat Racks (Why choose one or the other?)

“Why would I choose a commercial series squat rack or garage series squat rack?”

If you’re wondering this, you must be familiar with our squat rack selection. Even if not, we’ve got the answer for you. Why would someone choose a commercial rack or a garage series rack, even for their home gym?

First, let’s talk about a few of the differences between the two kinds of racks. We do carry commercial and garage series racks and cages, and the most obvious difference between commercial and garage series versions is at the forefront: the price. Why is the price between the two kinds of racks so different?

A big difference that’s not so obvious between the two types of racks is the material it’s made out of, and this is largely where the price difference comes from. Plus, the material it’s made of DOES matter, especially when you’re considering where you’ll be using the rack, the frequency, and the kind of work that will be done on it.

commercial grade squat rack


The commercial series squat rack (above) and cages are made of 11-gauge stainless steel, and the garage series racks and cage we supply are made of 16-gauge stainless steel. This doesn’t sound too different especially to those unfamiliar with the gauges of metal, but in the grand scheme of things, this matters.

16-gauge stainless steel is roughly .0635 inches thick, and 11-gauge steel is actually almost *twice* as thick as 16-gauge steel at .1233 inches thick. The biggest, most obvious difference, the price, is probably starting to make more sense now, right? The commercial-grade racks sit at a higher price point because the metal they’re composed of is just about twice as thick as the garage series metal.

This does mean that the commercial grade is more durable, but it doesn’t mean that the garage series racks are any less durable. What’s to be considered next is the frequency at which you’ll be using your rack, and what for.

If you’re working on building out your dream garage gym (Welcome to the Garage Gym Revolution!) a garage series rack or cage will likely suffice if you’re using it for everyday workouts and not some kind of super heavy, super specialty workouts that require abnormally heavy weight or usage. Our garage series racks are built to hold up to 700lbs, and the pull-up bar has a 400lb weight capacity. This is heavy, trust us. The garage series racks are built for everyday WODs and weightlifting, and will do their job well if that’s what you’re doing with them.

The commercial grade rack and cage are more heavy-duty, and can take more of a beating because they are built from a thicker steel and are engineered to take more than just one everyday workout. Our commercial rack and cage thrive in commercial settings, but could also fulfill your rack or cage needs in a garage gym. Don’t count these racks out! The commercial series racks up the ante and boasts a 1,000lb weight limit, giving you an extra 300lbs to work with. If you’re a powerlifter, strongman, or super strong individual, the commercial series rack is absolutely worth it and the way to go for your commercial space or your garage gym. The garage series squat cage can hold up to 750lbs, with the included spotter arms acting as the “weakest” point. 750lbs is hardly anything but weak!

Our cages, commercial and garage series, come with spotter arms so you can get under some heavy weight on your own and dual-diameter pull-up bars so you can work on regular pull-ups with a 1” bar, or focus on grip strength with a “Fat Axle” 2” bar. The cages also feature numbered uprights so you can set up perfectly every time without having to adjust your spotter arms or UHMW-lined J-Cups several times before getting them set up evenly. Nobody’s got time for that! Plus, the commercial grade racks and cages feature Westside Hole Spacing for more convenience and better, more personalized set-up for your lifts.


The garage series and commercial series racks and cages are both great options for commercial and garage spaces. It’s important to consider the weights you’ll be using on each to find the one that’s best for you. Wondering about the difference between a cage and a rack? We've covered that here.

The footprint of each rack we supply is a bit different too. If you’re looking for something with a smaller footprint, both the commercial and garage series squat racks are a great way to go because they require less space in general than the cages. The cages are not huge by any means, but do require enough space front to back and side to side because they are composed of 4 posts instead of 2 with floor space requirements like the squat racks.

garage series squat rack with pull up bar


In short, whichever rack or cage you decide upon for your sacred pain cave, it will absolutely get the job done. If you need space for pull-ups, and would care to work on grip strength from time to time, a cage is going to be a great option. If you don’t need a pull-up bar or spotter arms within the cage, check out a squat rack. The main thing to think about once you’ve decided upon a cage or rack is the strength of the cage or rack itself, and whether you’d prefer commercial-grade or garage-series strength. That’s up to you, Fam.

Let us know if we can help you make this decision for you! We’d be happy to assist you in finding the best cage or rack for you and your garage gym or commercial gym needs. Send us a message!

Plus, our racks are up to 20% off through Monday, September 6th 2021. Get yours now!

As always, let your rack raise your bar, and lift heavy, lift happy :)

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