Fringe Sport Holiday Gift Ideas - What the Fringe Fam REALLY Wants This Liftmas

The holidays are quickly approaching, and that means that it's nearly time to have completed your online shopping (at least by Dec 17th for large, heavy items on our site!), but don't worry, you've still got a little bit of time. We know some of you are scrambling, and we're here to help ;) 

Lucky for you, we're here to help you become the best gainz-gifter ever. We've got plenty of gear for all of the strong people in your life. We took a poll on Instagram recently to see what our Fringe Fam was asking for this Liftmas, and there were some awesome answers. Because we're still in a decent time frame to order and ship large items, we've curated some of the responses and the best gifts for strong people.

Here's what the people really want this year.

Garage Gym Starter Package - The Garage Gym Starter Package has everything one needs to join the Garage Gym Revolution and get hooked on gains for life. This package comes with a 20kg Bushing Wonder Bar, a Garage Series Squat Rack with Pull-up Bar, a Flat Bench, and some collars for your barbell. Sounds like a pretty perfect gift if you ask me.


Trap Bar - this is a goodie because it looks hilarious if you try to wrap it up because there's just no concealing what it is. This specialty bar is perfect for beginners in the Powerlifting world, but it also works for those with some strength experience. Our trap bar weighs in at 45lbs and can hold up to 600lbs. BOOM. Best gift ever, no?

Kettlebells - you really can't go wrong at gifting a kettlebell. Ours are powder coated for maximum grip without tearing up your hands and shaped perfectly so that even a beginner can avoid banging up their wrists during use. 

Iron Plates - for those garage gym OG's that love a little clang 'n bang and don't care about their neighbors noise complaints (or maybe can't hear them over their clang 'n bang), our iron plates are IT. 

Bomba Bar - Made in the USA and sourced from Alabama steel, this barbell is rightfully on many Christmas lists this year. This barbell is like the Cadillac of Fringe Sport barbells, and gifting this comes with high regard. We highly recommend it.

Commercial Squat Rack - While it has "commercial" in it's name, this rack is perfect for garage gymmers who need a hefty weight limit. This bad boy can hold up to 1,000lbs. Heck yeah. Nothing says "gains" like the gift of a heavy-duty squat rack like this one.

Pink Bumper Plate Set - Pink is NOT just for girls. Pink is freakin' cool for all garage gyms, and you can guarantee you'll get many gains with a pink plate set. You're really goin' for gold when you gift a pink bumper plate set.

Pizza Plates - Pizza plates are HOT out of the oven and are super fun to use. We all know someone who's obsessed with pizza, right? These make a great gift for that person.

Cardio Equipment - We love to hate cardio, and usually it's the last piece of equipment our Fringe Fam goes for to complete their garage gym set-ups. That's why a piece of cardio equipment, like a treadmill or air bike (HINT HINT - coming SOON!!!) makes the best gift of all. Give the gift of sweat, burning lungs, and moaning and groaning. You won't regret it.

Gift Card - Whoever says gift cards are lame doesn't know what it's like to get a Fringe Sport gift card. They're FREE freakin' money, baby (to the best store in the world too, duh)!!! Well, at least for the recipient of the gift card.

Get your people what they realllllly want. You can avoid a lame, awkward gift exchange with any of our products, but these are the ones we've heard make great gifts from the Fringe Fam themselves. You can do what you like, but we sure do trust their opinion.

Let us know if we can help in any way and make your holiday season more joyful, fun, and full of gains.

As always, lift heavy, lift happy :) 


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