WOD of the Week: Game of Death WOD

This week's WOD was is care of Mark S. - he purchased one of our medicine balls and invented this WOD, which sounds pretty brutal. Any workout with "death" in the name intrigues me :D You will need some stairs for this workout. If you don't have stairs try some high knees or walking lunges. :

We invented the "Game of Death WOD."  The stairs made the comparison to the old Bruce Lee movie inevitable.  If you work in an office building with five or six or seven flights, it is a real killer.

The ball is carried on all flights, between all exercises.  Exercises are done on the way up, not down.  We used gymnastics rings for the pull ups and a standard jump rope.

The Workout: Four Reps - Warm Up with one or two flights of stairs.

  • Basement = 300 Jump Rope Single-Unders
  • First floor = 20 Russian twists (with Medicine Ball)
  • Second floor = 20 Kick-Throughs
  • Third floor = 20 Burpees
  • Fourth floor = 10 Weighted Pull Ups (with Medicine Ball between your knees)
  • Fifth floor = 20 Wall Ball Shots.

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