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This week's WOD was submitted by @ckzayas30 on Instagram. Nice strongman workout; hits the three of some of the big strongman exercises: Yoke Carry, Dball squat, and Farmer's Walk.

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Some @brute.strength strongman from Wednesday (I'm a day behind) videos 1st and 6th 6 sets 40yrd yoke carry at 90% of 1rm back squat 8 d ball squats at 150 20yrd farmer carry at bodyweight Rest 3 min That's when I realized how heavy I'm 😢 @alphawearfitness @adrianconway_ @fnx_fit @fringesport #alphastrong #alphawearfitness #alphawearathlete #fnxfitambassador #savemoneyusingmycodeonmybio #onemoresessiontogo #sayayintraining

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What You'll Need

The Workout: 6 Sets

  • 40 yard Yoke Carry - 90% of 1 RM (Rep Max) Back Squat
  • 8 Dball Squats - 150lbs
  • 20 Yard Farmer's Carry - Body Weight
  • Rest 3 Minutes

Adam Miezio
Adam Miezio