Introducing: Latex-Free Strength Bands

Strength bands are such a versatile piece of gym equipment, and we couldn’t resist updating our current model to make them even better for you and your garage gym. Now, our strength bands are made out of biomedical-grade synthetic rubber, and are latex-free!


We’ve got six different sizes to suit your garage gym needs, whether they’re for movement assistance or resistance, or both. These bands are designed to help you get stronger without the latex. Our new bands are color coordinated, and range from xx-light (red) to x-heavy (orange) resistance.

latex-free strength bands

These latex-free bands are sold in sets or as singles, so you can customize your strength gains and coordinate bands for each of your goals and needs. All of the bands are 40" long and are designed to be stretched with the same resistance as latex bands.


Latex-free strength bands are great for assistance when you're still learning movements like pull-ups, dips, or kipping work, and these bands can easily be used as extra resistance for squats, deadlifts, and even push-ups and accessory work, along with mobility work for tight hips, ankles, and shoulders, and more. If you’re experiencing tension in your back, you can also use our heavy strength bands (like the x-heavy orange band) for spinal expansion and traction exercises (just remember you’re not actually Spider-Man and be careful when trying these out!)

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