New year, new you, new garage gym: What if you're not strong enough?

The short answer is this… you shouldn’t be ashamed about this. You should never be. Everyone starts somewhere, and it’s unlikely that anyone is able to put up their biggest numbers as soon as they start lifting or getting back into the gym after some time off, especially during a pandemic.

What you should be proud of is deciding to take the time to better yourself, fighting against gravity, and resisting any urge to be stagnant and unchanging on your couch.

Maybe you’ve lifted before, and you’ve got numbers in your head from previous sessions… if you haven’t remained consistent in maintaining and growing those numbers, you should expect your numbers to have dropped a little in your lifts, and that’s okay.

If you’re completely brand new to lifting, whether you’ve just joined us in the Garage Gym Revolution or you’ve joined a new gym, be proud of where you are now and keep in mind where you will be if you stay consistent with your efforts in the gym and with your lifts. Keep showing up for yourself, giving yourself the time and effort you deserve, and you’ll be rewarded with gainz in strength and confidence.

Everyone has their own level of strength. Strength is so relative to each individual person so comparison to others, especially at different stages in their own strength journeys, doesn’t do any good for you, your personal growth, or strength growth.

Be PROUD of what you can lift. 

Your numbers are yours to own.

If you’ve decided to get under a bar today, be proud of yourself for that effort. If you've made your first purchase for garage gym equipment, be proud that you're taking a big leap into the Revolution.

If you used to run marathons, like PK, and you’re just getting back into it, it’s going to feel hard again when you pick it back up after time away. As soon as you’ve run that first mile, no matter how fast or how slow, you’ve beaten everyone who chose to sit on their couch and remain unchanged instead.

It’s the same for strength.

Everyone has their own individual level of strength in their own individual journey.

What we’re here to do is celebrate whatever you’re doing in strength and be proud of the movement you’re doing and the strength you’re gaining.

We, at Fringe Sport, exist to help you improve your life through strength by helping you build an amazing garage gym and thriving local community gyms.

We have some things we recommend for Garage Gym Revolution newbies to get you started.

The first, our personal favorite, is a barbell and some bumper plates. With even just one set of plates, you can get so much work done and gain so much strength as a beginner or intermediate lifter, so it’s not necessary to go plate-crazy and get them all in one go. Gaining strength takes time, and it’s so much more fun to reward yourself with more weight than it is to sit on and stare at plates that might not make you feel great from the get-go.

If you’re a dumbbell person, choosing a few sets of dumbbells that vary from “light” to “heavy” for you, of course, are an amazing place to start or get in addition to another piece of equipment, like a barbell, a kettlebell set, or even some medicine balls. Find your equipment niche and run with it. Working out is fun when you choose your favorite equipment to start with.

Finding equipment that not only empowers you, but challenges you and gives you results is the ultimate goal. Need some help with that? That’s what we’re here for! Give us a call, a message on our site, or an email at and we can help guide you through the equipment choosing process. 

We hope this pumped you up like it pumped up PK. Go get under some weight and get strong today!

Lift heavy, lift happy, Fringe Fam.

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