Picking the Right Rack - What To Look For & Which One to Choose

What To Look For in a Squat Rack

A good squat rack can be a big investment to your arsenal. We have three things to look for when you are shopping for a squat rack.

How much space will it take up?
      The first thing you need to think of before purchasing a squat rack of any sort is how to best use the space you have while still making sure your new home gym can provide an adequate training space. Most of our racks can fit in a standard size home. We also have racks that can be mounted on to the wall and fold to stow, as well as a two-piece rack that can go wherever you need, depending on how much floor space you have at the time.

    Is it solid enough to hold up to your workouts?

      All of our racks can take a pounding and withstand hundreds of pounds. Take a look at the weight capacities to see if they can hold up to your workout. For those in a commercial setting, like a box or gym, we have commercial-grade racks that have commercial-grade materials to stand up to a single athlete but more so repetitive use by multiple athletes.
    Will it allow you to do everything you need? Squat? Bench? Pullups?
        All of our racks can function for your basic needs (squat and bench), which may be all that you need, but if you want to get more out of your rack, we have you covered on both fronts. Don't waste your money getting a rack with features you don't plan on using it. Many of our racks are compatible with 2x3 or 3x3 accessories that you can add on later, like dip bars, land mines, and spotter arms.

      Picking the Right Rack

      Most Cost Efficient:
          • Life Series - Squat Rack w/ Pullup Bar: This rack is our most budget-friendly rack that offers the basic options of a squat rack plus a pullup bar. It is also space-efficient with a 4ft x 4ft footprint. There are weight horns so you can store plates or just to add stability to the rack.
          • Strongman Yoke: This rack definitely gives you more bang for your buck. In addition to functioning as a squat stand, you can also do strongman yoke carries, set the crossbar high and you can use it as a fat bar pullup station, set the crossbar extra low and do zercher carries, and even use it as a push sled.
            Limited space:
                • Independent Squat Racks: These squat racks are built in two pieces for ease of storage and movement. You can adjust the height of the racks for bench, squat, etc. We have a commercial grade that is heavy duty and includes caster wheels to easily move around and store.
                • Retractable Squat Racks: Our retractable racks require a little more commitment because they are bolted into your wall, but are the most compact because you are able to be pull out for use and then fold against the wall to store. No floor-space commitment and your car can stay in the garage. Plus, for less than $150 extra you can get a fully loaded folding rack with accessories: wall ball target, dip station, spotter arms, landmine, and barbell storage.
                  Not too worried about space:
                      • Kip Cage: This rack is a beast, built to take your training to the next level. It is built to be sturdy enough for kipping or even just everyday bar work. This rack is a box or cage design to help against tipping forward or back, we also give you the option to bolt it to the floor for more stability or put sandbags or weights. The rack also includes built-in safety bars for enhanced safety and stability for squats and bench press.
                      • Commercial Squat Rack w/ Pullup Bar: This rack stands over 8ft tall, the average ceiling height is 8ft. This rack comes with an adjustable pullup bar. It can also be bolted to the floor for more stability, but it is not going anywhere if you don't.
                      • Wall Mount Rig: These racks require a bit more commitment because they are mounted onto your wall. They do not fold in/outward because the uprights are bolted to the floor. They are just as easy to install as any other rack.

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